We are introduced to two fancy ladies, sitting around, drinking liqueur and smoking cigarettes. Wanting a little excitement, they call a couple of their guy friends to come over. Honza Copak and Jiri Jiskra duly arrive. Fooling around over a game of darts things soon heat up just as the guys are accosted and made to strip.

Rado Viker is a waiter in a local restaurant. The two girls he is serving are not very impressed with it, as it has no wine, only some form of champagne. But they stick with it and order the champagne and some food. When the food arrives one of the girls finds something that should not be on her plate. Calling the waiter back they decide to exact some revenge on him.

Kristof Hertz did an Easter CFNM, Bunny Bashing. It is a custom in the Czech Republic for boys to go out and smack girls with birch twigs, at Easter. So Kristof has two girls that he is doing this with, chasing them around the table. It doesn’t take long to move on to other things though. All seems to be going well as they open his shirt and jeans, revealing a big hard cock. When the jeans are off, things get somewhat rougher as one girl hold Kristof’s hands behind his head and the other girl starts to tongue and bit his throbbing joint.

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