Dillon Carter – The last thing I remember was leaving the mall. The next, my bonker and wrists were tied with leather cuffs and chains, giving me a full on bondage experience, my master throwing me onto a dirty old mattress. He wanted to tear me apart. He first slid his thick piece of cock down my throat. He ordered me to get it nice and wet as he fingered my cunt, pulling on my g-spot. I’m sure he was testing it out to see if I was ready. I found out soon enough.

Jayden Rae – I can’t resist my Master’s need to bind my neck with a stiff steel collar, my arms restrained with tight leather straps, chained to posts keeping them in place on my knees. How does he know I love this? I enjoy being his sex slave, enduring any training he thinks I need.

Fiona Rivers – I can’t deny how good it felt to be dominated by such a man. I couldn’t stop thinking about his phallus stretching my mouth open, rubbing my g-spot raw, his phallus pushing in far past it. He even pluged my asshole, making me rethink coitus in ano sex all together. My asshole was so tight before he used me.

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